custom filter when updating tasks

Tip: Use this custom filter when you start updating your tasks

In large schedules it can be useful to filter the tasks for the ones that are likely to require a status update. For this the filter ‘Tasks for updating’ is available that filters all tasks that should already have started on and before the date you enter in the filter. After selecting the view ‘2b  Enter Task Progress’ this filter pops-up automatically.

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Tip: Use this custom filter when you start updating your tasks

Tip: Enter a date that is 1-2 weeks ahead, to allow for the possibility that some of the tasks may have started ahead of schedule.

Note: Tracking needs to be done on lowest level activities. Tracking summary tasks will result in many unexpected mistakes in the schedule.

Do you want this filter?

Would you like to get this filter for free? Leave a comment below that you are interested and we will contact you via email so you get this filter!

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      Hi Nicky,

      Thanks for your comment – when you go to filters > new filter, set the following conditions Start is less than or equal to “Tasks that start before:? AND % complete does not equal 100%. I have sent the printscreen to your gmail.

      We now offer the course first 14 days free, you could get the filter there and cancel your subscription within 14 days.

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